Food themed events

Food themed events can get students excited about school food and help your school engage with parents and the wider community.  Especially if your school holds a variety of international and culturally themed events. 

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Planning an event:

Decide the theme. This gives the event structure, can inspire the students and reinforce healthy eating messages that are being taught in the classroom. 

Discuss with the students the reason for the celebration.  Focus on how they can get involved rather than it only being about the food.

Encourage them to dress up for the day – you can never have too many Pippa Longstockings on World Book day. That includes yourself – children love seeing adults getting into costume.

Read here for our social calendar. This provides some great ideas, but we welcome any suggestions that have worked well at your school.



Tips to promote the event

  • Use your school newsletter, notice board and website.
  • Make sure any posters or flyers use striking, bold and colourful designs.
  • Give the students the chance to produce the posters or use one we've done for you!  
  • To grab attention use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Videos from a previous event with the same theme can help people visualise the event.
  • Get inspired by visiting our News and Menu pages. 

Our Catering team look forward to working with you on your event!